The Truth Is Somewhere: A Conspiracy Theory Podcast

Apple has unveiled four new iPhone 12 models – but does that mean your own blower is working slower?

iPhone owners always complain that battery life and performance drops after an Apple event, and 2020 is no different.

Right now, iPhone owners are taking to Twitter to complain their iPhones aren’t working as well as usual.

Some conspiracy-minded users are linking this to Apple’s iPhone 12 launch event, suggesting it’s a sinister plot to get you to upgrade.

After all, there are four new iPhone 12 models available right now – starting from $1274.

But there’s no proof that Apple is operating a big conspiracy. The answer is much simpler – and sadly, more boring.

But now we know everything there is to know about the new device, and it’s shaping up to be a bit of a belter. With an ultra fast processor and an even faster data connection, how will Apple’s new iPhone 12 shape up against the competition heading into 2021?

Check out all the latest news and everything we know about the new Apple iPhone 12.


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